Friday, July 6, 2012

Too much time on his hands

We spent the 4th of July cleaning out the garage. It doesn't look cleaned out but it is significantly better. Mr. T broke down our old sofa and threw much of it away after he saved the boards and metal tubes (it was a sleeper sofa). We filled our garbage can and recycling can and still have more to toss.

Eldest son, Big M (13 year old) took apart a broken lawn mower and saved the motor. He has dreams of making a go-kart - I have nightmares of the motor still sitting in my garage after he moves out. He decided to make something out of the old mower base and handles and a few other things we were recycling.

Big M's lawn stroller
He calls his creation a "lawn stroller". Little L loves to be pushed around the yard and neighborhood in the "lawn stroller". Big M also likes to ride in it down our small hill - I think he dreams it's a go-kart.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning Contest

I have a hard time getting the kids to help clean. Today was an exception. I was able to get the kids to clean without any problems. I just created a cleaning contest and like magic, they were excited to clean.

The rules were simple:
1. Two teams with 2 kids each.
2. Each team was given a room with a list of jobs that must be completed.
3. Timer set for 30 minutes.
4. Dust rags, garbage bags, vacuum cleaners all in room before they started.

The oldest boy (M) chose his brother (A) for his partner. The middle girl (I) chose her older sister (C) for her partner. Little L watched and I gave her another job (cut out the coupons).

Here is the Family Room cleaned by the girls.
Here is the Sunroom cleaned by the boys.

Both teams completed all the tasks on their lists and I received two clean rooms. I'll have to hold more cleaning contests.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Camping in our backyard

The kids went camping in our backyard last night. I slept on the couch in the family room in case they wanted to come inside.

Mr. T slept in the bigger tent with the boys. The three girls slept in the red tent.

They all had a great time chasing fireflies and dancing with glow bracelets.
Little-L (5 year old girl) only stayed in the tent for about 30 minutes before she came in and slept on the loveseat next to me. Mr. T came in and slept on the recliner some time later. The other kids all ended up in the house about 4:30am and slept the rest of the night in their own beds.

They all had a great time but we are all tired tonight.