Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning Contest

I have a hard time getting the kids to help clean. Today was an exception. I was able to get the kids to clean without any problems. I just created a cleaning contest and like magic, they were excited to clean.

The rules were simple:
1. Two teams with 2 kids each.
2. Each team was given a room with a list of jobs that must be completed.
3. Timer set for 30 minutes.
4. Dust rags, garbage bags, vacuum cleaners all in room before they started.

The oldest boy (M) chose his brother (A) for his partner. The middle girl (I) chose her older sister (C) for her partner. Little L watched and I gave her another job (cut out the coupons).

Here is the Family Room cleaned by the girls.
Here is the Sunroom cleaned by the boys.

Both teams completed all the tasks on their lists and I received two clean rooms. I'll have to hold more cleaning contests.

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