Friday, July 6, 2012

Too much time on his hands

We spent the 4th of July cleaning out the garage. It doesn't look cleaned out but it is significantly better. Mr. T broke down our old sofa and threw much of it away after he saved the boards and metal tubes (it was a sleeper sofa). We filled our garbage can and recycling can and still have more to toss.

Eldest son, Big M (13 year old) took apart a broken lawn mower and saved the motor. He has dreams of making a go-kart - I have nightmares of the motor still sitting in my garage after he moves out. He decided to make something out of the old mower base and handles and a few other things we were recycling.

Big M's lawn stroller
He calls his creation a "lawn stroller". Little L loves to be pushed around the yard and neighborhood in the "lawn stroller". Big M also likes to ride in it down our small hill - I think he dreams it's a go-kart.

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